7 Legendary Tag Teams Versus FTR

7 Legendary Tag Teams Versus FTR

Welcome to the first Squared Circle Classics' Pro Wrestling Tales article. We'll be looking to publish a unique weekly article covering a wide array of wrestling topics, so you're encouraged to subscribe and offer suggestions! As always, thanks for stopping by.  Now let's get into some tag team goodness.

     No two, modern day pro wrestlers have crafted a love letter to the art of tag team wrestling quite like Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler. In an age where random guys have often been thrown together after failed singles pushes, or a promotion's penchant to book cluttery 6 and 8-man tag matches, FTR stands on the mountaintop as the flagbearers of two-man teamwork. The 10-time title winners, across 6 global wrestling promotions, built their legacy off crafting a technical style reminiscent of the legendary teams from wrestling's glorified past.

     From WWE to AEW to Japan to Mexico, FTR has beaten the best the world has had to offer. When they speak, you can feel the authenticity and passion they have for the business, while giving personal transparency into sacred places like family and even anxiety. An FTR promo is always relatable, and forms the bridge to appreciating what they do in the ring. They are just two dudes who love tag team wrestling and hold its historical importance in high regard. Truly great stewards of this form of entertainment.

     On the heels of signing a new 4-year contract with AEW last week, this North Carolina duo claims this is the start of their last run in the squared circle. Since they are cut from the old school cloth, let's take a look at 7 tag teams we wish FTR could have faced.

(Honorable Mention: The Rock n' Roll Express, Edge and Christian, The Fabulous Freebirds, The Hollywood Blondes, The Rockers, The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers)

7. Ray Stevens and Pat Patterson "The Blonde Bombers"

   These two legends held the AWA and NWA tag team titles a combined 3 times in the late 1960's. Stevens is widely regarded as being the best in-ring worker during this era and helped shaped what would become modern ring psychology. Patterson had a mind for how to structure, work, and finish a match perhaps better than any wrestler who ever lived.

    Between their collective creativity and realistic ring style, it would have been fantastic to watch them go head to head with the hard-nosed technicality of FTR. An epic clash of past meets present on the fundamentals. This would have been some serious Yoda vs. Luke Skywalker shit. 


6. The Road Warriors       

     The 12-time tag title holders (including National and 6-Man titles), are arguably the greatest team of all-time. No one exuded dominance and intimidation like the Road Warriors. At first glance, a meeting with FTR might look like a clunky fit. However, FTR has adopted quite a chameleon style to work with opponents of all styles. They would let Hawk and Animal start off with their typical Mike Tysonesque destruction of power moves that might make you think it would be a squash. They'd roll out of the ring and allow to the Legion of Doom to pose and posture to the crowd and catch their breath.

     Once it calmed down, Dax and Cash would work a surgical ground and pound match reminiscent of Rocky Balboa's rematch vs Clubber Lang. Imagine hitting Hawk with a Shatter Machine! This would go back and forth with each team claiming victories all over the globe. FTR would be capable of giving the Road Warriors some of the best matches they ever had by selling their power moves and making them look like a million bucks. All the while, being tough as leather getting their stuff in, earning the respect of LOD and the crowds. A great story of power vs precision.


5. The Midnight Express

  The Condrey/Eaton pairing is one of the teams FTR claims made them fall in love with wrestling. They've even gone so far as to adopt their entrance music (shoutout to the "Father of Disco" Giorgio Morodor for that tasty synth lick!) This matchup would be a masterclass of quick tags and expert double team moves.

   Dax would have been great building FTR on the mic as the hardworking country boys, who don't respect the sissy boy nature of Jim Cornette. Meanwhile, Cornette would be finding every way under the sun to roast and screw them over, while Big Bubba loomed large as an enforcer in the background. Plus, we'd be on custom satin jacket overload between all of them, and that's never a bad thing. Grab your balls, we're going bowling after!


4. The British Bulldogs

    Had Dynamite Kid not faced a career ending back injury, the Bulldogs could have went down as one of the greatest tag teams ever. The fact that their run was relatively short on the big stage, yet are still revered, shows their impact. Dynamite was an offensive innovator, with his fast, compact, and snappy moves. Everything he did came from a place of tight explosion. Bret, Benoit, Eddie, Owen, and yes, Dax and Cash all have movements reminiscent of the Kid.

Davey Boy was such a great combination of power and technicality, that a matchup with FTR would have left fans fired up and wanting more. Building a storyline around American vs British dominance is a tale as old as...1700 AD. Screw it, Fight Forever! No Suplexation without Representation!


3. The Steiner Brothers  

    The 13-time champs are the only tag team to hold the WWE, WCW, and IWGP titles. Rick and Scott were just absolute powerhouses with great amateur wrestling backgrounds, so going up against FTR would have led to matches talked about forever. With both teams capable of working face or heel, they could have had a long feud in the vein of the RnR and Midnight Express'.

    After taking several FrankenSteiners and Diving Bulldogs, FTR would be feeling it just like after tussling with the Briscoe Bros. These matches would have been stiff, and people would have gone home with their entertainment dollars well spent. I'd probably rank a Steiners/FTR matchup higher if it wasn't for....

2. The Hart Foundation 

   Fans of FTR know they are huge Bret Hart guys, as you can see some of the Hitman in their working style. Take a classic Jimmy Hart heel led Foundation, with FTR in the British Bulldog babyface role, and these four would have headlined arenas all over the country. This would have been a great 2 out of 3 fall match for the titles at Wrestlemania. 

   All the love to the Anvil, but it would be incredible to watch prime Bret take on Dax and Cash. Dax, specifically, as he recently strung together a very impressive singles run in 2022, and is at the top of his game. He and Bret in a solo match, would be Must See TV. He's become an excellent executioner, and would have thrived in '80s/90s wrestling.

1. Arn & Tully

     I'm not sure there are two mat technician based tag teams who mirror each other more than Arn & Tully and FTR. You can't watch the latter and not see distinct similarities of the former in execution of moves, body size and type, ring gear, and general no-nonsense attitude in the ring. This is looking across from one another and hoping it doesn't unravel the space time continuum.

     Counter after counter. Spinebuster after Spinebuster. Mind Breaker, Big Rig, you name it. All the bullets would be emptied out to determine who was the last team standing. It's fun to imagine FTR in 80's Jim Crockett Promotions teaming up with Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA, Sting, and the Rock N' Roll Express to battle the Four Horseman. Moving back to present day, it's cool that AEW hired Arn and Tully as managers and agents to support and coach the younger talent. Iron sharpens iron, and FTR is well positioned to cement their place among the all-time greats.


 Who are your dream opponents for FTR?  Who do you see their next epic feud with? Fire off in the comments below!


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FTR vs MCMG would be one of the best tag team matches ever.
It would also be great to see them against Beer Money Inc.

Bruce Hope

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